Mision and Vision

Our Vision

To be a world class corporate constantly furthering the interest of all its stakeholders.

Our Mission

Shareholders: To consistently create shareholder value by generating returns in excess of Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) during the upturn and at least equal to Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) during the downturn of the business cycle.


To strengthen the Smart Solutions brand and create lasting relationships with the customers by working closely with business partners to provide superior value for money over the life cycle.


To create a seamless organization that incubates and promotes innovation, excellence and Core values.

Vendor and Channel Partners

To foster a long-term relationship so as to introduce a broad range of innovative products and services, that would benefit our customers and other stakeholders.


To proactively participate in reshaping the area’s economic growth. To take a holistic approach towards environmental protection during economic slowdown.


To develop the brand into a world class Indian brand for innovative and superior value business.

World class in:-

Superior value in offering:-

  • Lowest Cost
  • Best Services
  • Best Client Relationship
  • Best HR Policy
  • Best Investor Return


  • To be the most admired Indian company providing best offshore services
  • To be the best technical partner
  • To create an environment that people enjoy working for, doing business with and invest-in.